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Waving Goodbye to @Texan_In_Tokyo

17 Nov , 2016   Matt   Video

First off, the Most Uniquest channel isn’t going anywhere.

A few weeks… months?… ago, I stumbled across the Texan In Tokyo channel, hosted by Grace Mineta with her husband Ryosuke. It’s a slice-of-life show with an international (Intercultural? Interracial? Intercontinental? All of the above?) twist.

Sadly, they’re pulling the plug on YouTube and going on a social media hiatus. They can’t reconcile being YouTube figures with wanting to start a private family. Sad, but totally understandable.

Contrasted with the celebration of new life and development on the RPG Dad blog, I found myself stopping to mull some stuff over this morning.

Pauline and I go back and forth about having children. Ahem.

Pauline wants kids, while I go back and forth. For the record, my only hesitation is financial stability. I’m already uncomfortable with the burden Pauline carries as I scramble to build a career–

Blah. ‘Nuff said. One thing we haven’t discussed (note to self: #BNGU topic?) is the issue of oversharing vs family privacy.

Grace and Ryosuke, while we’ve never interacted, Pauline and I sympathize with your decision. Best wishes to you and your future family.

PS: While there won’t be any more Texan In Tokyo videos, you can find their blog and Grace’s comics at!

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