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Steam Greenlight: Snarf Quest Tales

11 May , 2015   Matt   Video

Click here to support this project on Steam Greenlight!

A while back, GGDA President Andrew Greenberg asked if I had time to do some impromptu voice work for a project being created by Cellbloc Studios.

I did, and the project turned out to be SnarfQuest Tales, a 3D point-and-click adventure starring the iconic comic book character created Larry Elmore.

More to the point, Mr. Elmore is heavily involved, which means existing fans of the story are guaranteed an experience true to the original material. Everyone involved in the project is excited about it, and I’m excited about joining the project.

If you’ve already watched the video, you might notice my voice isn’t in it. Rest assured, I am not holding out on contract negotiations in any way, shape, or form. Cellbloc simply needs the support of SnarfQuest fans before I’ll get a chance to participate. What voice/s would I be providing? Well, no promises, but the dialogue in the promotional clip is all temporary.

Are you a fan of SnarfQuest? Are you a fan of point-and-click adventures? Are you tired of hearing me drone on about my employment status? Kill several ducks with one stick and lend your support to SnarfQuest Tales on Steam Greenlight.

You can also follow Cellbloc’s YouTube Channel and Facebook Page for new trailers and other news. Thanks for your help!

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