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SnarfQuest Tales Kickstarter: The Last Little Bit!

2 Sep , 2015   Matt  

I’ve been talking about Cellbloc Studios’ new collaboration with comic and game art legend Larry Elmore, for a while now, but it’s crunch time.

•The game is “SnarfQuest Tales“.

•The story is ripped right out of Larry’s SnarfQuest comic series.
•The free demo is here (although you’ll need to scroll down this page first).
•That’s my voice coming out of Snarf in the video above. The final cast is undecided. Check out the stretch goals.

As of this writing, they have less than $2,000 USD to go before they’re officially funded, and the stretch goals kick in fairly soon after that. Cellbloc Studios owner and Doctor Unity alter ego James Simpson strategically planned the Kickstarter to end during Dragon*Con, so everyone involved is expecting a big surge at the 11th hour, but it’s so close already!

Do you love comics? Do you love classic point-and-click adventure games? Are you reading my blog? Help an indie team out, and save the starving voice actor, all at the same time.

Pauline and I have both backed the project in a show of solidarity, but we can’t be at Dragon*Con because we’ll be preoccupied with our wedding! Crazy, right? If you’ll be attending the con, stop by and say hi for us.

And help if you can!

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