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3 Mar , 2015   Matt  

My Google Calendar reminded anyone subscribed to it that we all need to laugh. Starting this Sunday, I’ll be doing FRESH Comedy, Funny Monkey, and the graduation review for Joel Byars‘ comedy class, all in one week. It’s going to be nuts.

Oh, I neglected to embed the second Matte Animation video, so you can find it here.

There’s no new video due to a project which, until recently, I was researching. I can multitask if it involves reading, but now I need to do the actual work. I’m missing the stage, though, and I’m a little stressed about the various projects I’m tasked with. It’s all a bit much.

Too much to do is a much better problem to have than having nothing much to do at all.

So what am I doing about it? First off, anything I can. I’m intimidated by the work load, but I’ve taken what information I’m familiar with, and I’ve worked on it. The other, bigger thing is communicating with partners. It took years to accept that I am not a one-man development studio. Many people are, but I work better with a team. That isn’t to say I’m great at giving or receiving feedback, but it’s an excellent solution for what I refer to as “blank page syndrome”.

Disney’s “Big Hero 6” is fresh in my mind, so here’s an example. Early on, the protagonist wants to do something, but can’t think of what to do and gets discouraged. Some casual guidance gets him going at full speed. Throughout the film, he stumbles by trying to be completely in control of the action. The solution repeatedly comes from the support of other characters. Also, it’s a fun movie with robots.

That’s what teams do for me, minus the robots. I feel a self-destructive need to be a one-man show for no real reason, when what I need is to engage with other people.

I didn’t intend to write an advice column, but if you find yourself in a pattern of enthusiasm, insecurity, and frustration, I humbly suggest going for a walk. Afterwards, get an overview of your work, pick one small problem area, and talk to someone about it.

I’ll get off the soap box now.

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