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New Video! FRESH Comedy: LIES!

9 Mar , 2015   Video

Fair warning, this is mildly NSFW. More…


New Video! Open Mic Improv Thursdays @ Highwire Comedy

6 Mar , 2015   Video

Given how much effort I needed to just remain upright, this set went surprisingly well. The cold I mentioned didn’t seem all that severe, but I’m still recovering from the stupid thing. Jumping on an open mic with new material probably wasn’t the wisest choice I’ve ever made. I’ve got a big week coming, though, and I wanted to warm up. More…


Schedule, and Staying Productive

3 Mar , 2015  

My Google Calendar reminded anyone subscribed to it that we all need to laugh. Starting this Sunday, I’ll be doing FRESH Comedy, Funny Monkey, and the graduation review for Joel Byars‘ comedy class, all in one week. It’s going to be nuts. More…

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New Video! Animated Matte, Take 2

27 Feb , 2015   Video

If you haven’t seen the initial test of an animated matte, let me refresh your memory. As can be seen, the animation worked just fine, but the keying of the matte presented problems. Note, specifically, the white halo which is no longer present. More…


New Video! FRESH Comedy: DREAM

22 Feb , 2015   Video

Presented by the Highwire Comedy Company on Feburary 15th, with your host, Travis Jones. More…

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New (short) Video! Baby’s First Animated Track Matte

21 Feb , 2015   Video

I won’t pretend this is a polished piece by any stretch of the imagination. It was just some B-roll filmed by a few friends and collaborators recently as part of something else. Specifically, Chris Bastedo and Pauline Lu. Special thanks, also, to Chris’ family for letting us film on private property. More…

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Old Video! A Brief Retrospective

20 Feb , 2015   Video

Now that the blog is finally live, and having just completed Joel Byars‘ multi-week workshop for new stand-up comics, I forced myself to sit down and watch the first open-mic I ever did.

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New Video! Funny Monkey, Feb. 11th

18 Feb , 2015   Video

I know, the night this was recorded, I got all panicky and accused my memory card of deleting my set. Well, evidently I was wrong. More…

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A New Blog! With Free Stuff!

18 Feb , 2015  

Yes, there will be free stuff.*

For the longest time, I thought the goal of a successful freelance career was the proverbial, “long wait for a train don’t come.” That was before I got laid off from my dream company. More…