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New Video! GGDA College Fair!

30 Apr , 2015   Video

It is with a sense of catharsis that I share this video from the Georgia Game Developers Association YouTube channel. The above is a quick spot cut together from footage of the Spring 2015 Game and Film College Fair, hosted by the GGDA at the Atlanta Media Campus. More…

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Audio Shopping List

26 Apr , 2015  

If you haven’t seen the post “Audio Crisis Averted”, it explains why I’m looking at audio gear when I don’t have the most stable revenue stream ever. That said, had I not received the Tascam DP-02, I was settled on one of four major purchases: More…

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Audio Crisis Averted!

20 Apr , 2015  

Several months ago, production issues halted my work with the Audiobook Creation Exchange, given their Submission Requirements. My noise floor was too loud in raw recordings, and fixing it in post hurt audio quality. More…

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I Made a Thing.

16 Apr , 2015  

Last week at Funny Monkey I was hurriedly jerking the camera this way and that trying to follow the various comedians, wishing for two things. First, that the couple sitting behind us hadn’t taken up the back corner of the room so I wouldn’t be so close to the action with a 50mm lens. Second, that I had a shoulder mount so I could follow the action naturally. More…

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New Video! Funny Monkey March 25th, 2015

13 Apr , 2015   Video

This is the last Funny Monkey filmed with my t5i’s kit lens. Between the 25th and April 1st, I ordered a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II prime lens, because the kit lens focus ring kept malfunctioning after I’d sent it off for maintenance once already. Tired of dealing with that, and tired of not having a particularly good f-stop for dark comedy clubs and coffee shops. More…

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7 Apr , 2015  

I just got an email I’d like to share with you. Why? Because I was not expecting it at all. More…

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New Video! FRESH Comedy: FAME!

2 Apr , 2015   Video

I’ve been occupied enough these past few weeks that I have a few videos waiting in the wings to be released. First up is the last FRESH Comedy I appeared on. I managed to put a set together, but I’m not particularly satisfied with the result. It’s my own fault. FRESH is a crazy-fun show, but it’s not something you can slack off with. More…

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Let Me Whisper Sweet Nothings in Your Ear

28 Mar , 2015  

Here’s a subject I haven’t talked about since I launched this blog:

I am a professional voice actor. More…


New Video! Pauline’s Comedy Debut!

27 Mar , 2015   Video

This past Wednesday, Joel Byars hosted Funny Monkey, as he does every two weeks. I was the first act on stage, got almost no laughs, and spent the rest of the evening curled up in a ball sobbing in the corner. More…


New Video! Reframing Demo.

24 Mar , 2015   Video

This isn’t quite a tutorial. I use Cinelerra-CV for my work, which offers a few different tools and methods for re-positioning frames, and isn’t the most commonly used software out there. At one point in the video, I show the curves I generated, but those are more for fine tuning after a more hands on drag and drop approach. Most other advanced editors like FCP or Premiere Pro will have similar features, so just figure out where they are and start reframing. More…

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New Video! Funny Monkey, March 12th

20 Mar , 2015   Video

There won’t be any “new” comedy this week until Sunday night’s FRESH: Fame! I wasn’t actually excited about that sentence, Travis just adds that to every FRESH title. Also, since the Graduation Show happened one day after the last Funny Monkey, I went ahead and published it, then held on to the FM video so I’d have content this week. More…

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New Video! Highwire Comedy Graduation Show!

15 Mar , 2015   Video

It’s been a big week, and this was an extremely cathartic cherry-on-top. The house was packed, and I was the second act of the evening, after a warm-up by the hosts, so they were ready to laugh. The energy was great, and I was off book even with new material thrown in. More…