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New Video! “Pugmire” Kickstarter

25 Jan , 2016   Video

This week’s video, a short breakdown on the compositing process behind my short film, “Hard Rain” is fairly self-explanatory. Instead of going over every step of the creation of the short film (which the breakdown literally does!), I’d like to draw your attention to an upcoming venture from friend and pseudo-mentor Eddy Webb. More…

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New Video! “Hard Rain”

20 Jan , 2016   Video

I’ve been looking forward to writing this post since I decided to make use of the green screen and lighting equipment after a client cancelled on me last month. As happenstance would have it, it was a month to the day from filming the action to publishing the video. More…


New Video! Women in the Spotlight: Margaret Clark

14 Jan , 2016   Video

I won’t be discussing my own new video this week. Instead, please allow me to direct your attention to a video I had the privilege of filming for the “Women in the Spotlight” series from Precise Publications. More…

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New Video! “Hard Rain” Blooper Reel

6 Jan , 2016   Video

I’ve been sitting on this one since just before the holidays. I’m a firm believer that indie productions benefit greatly from side ventures and bonus content. Never recording any behind the scenes footage seems like throwing money away. This video, a blooper reel for an upcoming short film tentatively titled “Hard Rain”, represents me practicing what I preach. More…

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Last Week’s Video – DIY Portable Audio Box

29 Dec , 2015   Video

Holiday plans foiled my own plans for a publication schedule. Excuses, excuses. Those of you who have subscribed to my YouTube channel will have seen this already. My plan for the new year is to release a video on Monday and follow it up with a blog on Wednesday. More…

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New Video! DIY Backdrop Fly System

21 Dec , 2015   Video

I’ve been doing a few things to improve the quality of my videography freelancing service, and to brush up on my stage craft, composting skills, etc. It presented an excellent opportunity to produce a few short DIY videos, like the Audio Panels from a few weeks ago. More…

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Editorial Response: Broke on YouTube

15 Dec , 2015  

This began as a simple Facebook comment, until it became as long as it did. Thank the seven hour rendering job I’m waiting on. You’ll need to read this article on to know what I’m talking about. More…

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Not That You’d Know It

8 Dec , 2015  

I think about this blog often, usually in the same way Douglas Adams thought about deadlines; loving the sound they make as they wiz by overhead, to paraphrase. More…


New Video! “Dear Jesus,” a Highwire Comedy Sketch

4 Dec , 2015   Video

Dear Grandma, I seem to remember that you follow my blog and Facebook Page. You probably won’t find this video all that funny. Fair warning! Love, Matt. More…


New Video! DIY Acoustic Panels

23 Nov , 2015   Video

I’d like to thank those of you who offered a response to yesterday’s unplanned post. I’d also like to apologize if I came across as particularly fatalistic about the situation, as that was not my intention. More…


Worrying About Fear

22 Nov , 2015  

With all the reports of leaked terrorism plots planned for today, I am worried about safety in and around the city of Atlanta. More…

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DIY Boom Pole With Acoustic Considerations

16 Nov , 2015  

Warning: really long post. If you’re in a rush, see the pictures at the end. More…