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Not That You’d Know It

8 Dec , 2015   Matt  

I think about this blog often, usually in the same way Douglas Adams thought about deadlines; loving the sound they make as they wiz by overhead, to paraphrase.

Blogging is my primary vehicle for professional social media outreach, but most of my actual work requires confidentiality. Take last week’s job where I took thos photo:


It’s mildly frustrating to keep quiet, but I’d rather be quiet and profitable than broke and blogging. I’m writing right now, in fact, because my computer is rendering a 40 second VFX test at about 30 minutes per second of footage. Yep, it’s confidential.

If I may say so, though, it’ll look pretty sweet when it finally finishes.

Speaking of being broke, my audio recorder recently sustained damage to it’s USB port. The device still works, thankfully, but I’m stuck with expensive battery operation.

If you’d like to help, and get a free audiobook while supplies last, I have a stack of royalty-yielding complimentary codes I’d love to hand out.

Have a look through my Catalog, then let me know which book you’d like to hear by either liking and leaving a message on my official Facebook page or following and tweeting to @AGameWriter on twitter.

Want to help out another way? I recently monetized my YouTube channel. Subscribe to it and like any of the videos you like. I’ll keep them around five minutes or less, because everybody’s time is valuable.


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