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New Video! Narration Tricks

29 Feb , 2016   Matt   Video

[OBSCENITY REDACTED], sorry this post is late. I worked up next week’s post along with this one, scheduled it for release, and thought I’d done the same here. Next week’s post is definitely scheduled, at least.

The other night, I decided to retry a microphone comparison video that I’ve attempted repeatedly over the last few months, but all the buildup got me nervous. It occurred to me that doing another, less technically demanding video first might loosen me up and, after the positive response to Vocal Warmups, I wanted to show off some narration tips and tricks anyway.

I’m pleased to say it worked, and I’ll be comparing the sounds and uses of different microphone styles next week on my YouTube Channel.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my crash course in some technical tricks for narrating an audiobook. Let me point out that this is not a crash course in acting or performance, nor would I apply the advice to formats outside of audiobook production.

Rather, these tips will help you get through the work quickly and efficiently, and will make life much easier for whoever edits the recording.

Given how much content I’m cutting out of these short little videos, I’m starting to think I should expand some of the topics into multiple episodes. What do you think? Leave a note in the video’s comments, or find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Google +.

Oh, and let me say for the record that I do NOT use that voice at the end as my default narration voice. That’s my go-to “brooding male action hero”, which I just find amusing. Normally, when I narrate, the protagonist or narrator is just my normal speaking voice with a little attention paid to subduing my innate Southern drawl.

Thanks for watching!

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