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New Video! Funny Monkey, Feb. 11th

18 Feb , 2015   Matt   Video

I know, the night this was recorded, I got all panicky and accused my memory card of deleting my set. Well, evidently I was wrong.

Getting into live event production has been a process of “two steps forward, one step back and two steps in vaguely random directions.” Over a year ago, I got a GoPro Hero+ 3 Black, which, while I will praise the quality of that product line to the stars, was absolutely the wrong purchase for my needs.

Recently, I replaced it with the Canon Rebel t5i, and so far it’s been an absolutely fantastic camera. Then a Windows update rendered my copy of Premiere Pro CS4 effectively useless. Several days of griping to my Linux guru buddy, and banging my head against Cinelerra, WinFF, and some other stuff finally resulted in the above video.

You can see more specifications about how I shot and edited the set on the actual YouTube page. Hopefully, my 18-55mm lens will ship soon so I won’t have to have such a tight shot.

Thanks as always to Joel Byars Comedy for hosting the Funny Monkey Review, and to Java Monkey of Decatur for giving us a place to put the show on. The camera operator for my set was the lovely, talented Pauline Lu. Sorry about the codependency joke. Can I stop sleeping on the couch?

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