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New Video! FRESH Comedy: LIES!

9 Mar , 2015   Matt   Video

Fair warning, this is mildly NSFW.

Yes, I had camera issues again. It wanted me to reinstall the battery twice. The issue seemed to resolve itself after I changed batteries completely, and didn’t happen again when I went back to the first one, so I’m a little clueless. I have, however, done the stuff I wrote about in the video, so we’ll see.

This set was surprisingly difficult to write, because every mind map I drew to drum up material ended up cross-referencing all over the place. I also kept working myself up into more anger than was probably healthy. I’d pick a topic, flip my lid, move on to calm down, and flip my lid all over again.

I was mercifully unaware of the camera issues while I was on stage. Dealing with the stupid thing completely disrupted any kind of self evaluation until after the show was over. Arg.

For whatever reason, I felt fairly confident about the material but couldn’t get myself off book. I’m mildly disappointed by that, but it makes me realize how lazy I’ve been in set preparation. That won’t cut it with the two shows coming up this week.

Ultimately, this was no great triumph of comedy or videography. Still, it got done, so here it is. Pardon me while I go back to work now. Ta!

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