New Video! FRESH Comedy: DREAM

22 Feb , 2015   Matt   Video

Presented by the Highwire Comedy Company on Feburary 15th, with your host, Travis Jones.

Children, let this be a lesson to you: prepare for your bloody performances! The sad irony is, as I allude to in the set opener, I had just had my final class on stand-up comedy for beginners earlier that day. My sincerest apologies to Professor Joel Byars for not sticking the landing on this one.

On the other hand, compared to the second stand-up act I ever did, I’m glad I managed to just keep chatting for the full seven minutes.

By the way, while I don’t pretend to be particularly awesome at video editing and post production (as yet), I do post all of my camera settings and editing tools on each video’s YouTube page. Or at least I do that now that I have a t5i, and not the GoPro from the first few videos. Unless I’m actually discussing videography, I probably won’t repost that information to the blog, because it’s long, very technical looking, and probably won’t change all that much until I really start working on complicated stuff. JUST THIS ONCE, though, I’ll be nice:

Recording equipment:
Canon t5i Digital Rebel
Canon Zoom Telephoto EF 75-300mm f/4.0-5.6 III Autofocus Lens
Technicolor Cinestyle color profile

Capture settings:
•1080p at 24 fps
•ISO 1600

Transcoded, edited, and rendered entirely through Linux with the following:
•The Cinelerra For Grandma WinFF preset profile:
Cinelerra CV

I used the on-bard microphone, which does a surprisingly decent job for small venues like this. Noise cancellation was (lazily) applied in Cinelerra since I didn’t stop to set up the external audio this time. Yes, it came out sounding like ear vomit, and I apologize for that. Also, Pauline was operating the camera by hand, and I haven’t quite mastered the art of stabilization in post. I did correct some of the more noticeably vertical shakes manually, which of course the 2.35:1 letterbox hid perfectly.

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