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New Video! Er… Audio! … THINGS! EXCITEMENT!

9 Nov , 2015   Matt   Video

I was recently asked to provide my voice reel and rates for a possible upcoming project. It’s so secretive, even I don’t know anything about it. Sorry.

The point is, I haven’t needed to submit my reel for a while, and this made me realize it needed an update. See the video above for the new and improved model.

For anyone interested in contacting me about voice work, I’ll be glad to consider your project and discuss rates privately. You can find the new reel in mp3 format along with several other samples from published work on my profile at the Audiobook Creation Exchange:

Now, before we say goodbye, I’d like to mention something unusual about the new reel. Ordinarily, one cobbles together snippets from published projects to show one’s body of “actual work.” My previous reel was exactly that, but I decided to write a script this time. I won’t call it entirely original, because some of the voices do come straight out of previous works while others are homages to classic characters I obvously didn’t come up with. Most of the words are either original or heavily adapted, though.

I did it that way for two reasons. First, it’s not like the old reel has vanished into thin air. It’s still available on ACX or by direct request. Second, I’ve been binge-watching Nickelodeon’s TMNT reboot, and it reminded me why (and how) I became a voice actor in the first place. I’ve been trying to imitate cartoon characters for as long as I’ve been watching cartoons.

Ironically, as I’ve developed it into a professional talent, I’ve been very careful to point out that I do not do impressions. Sometimes I get lucky mimicking someone else’s voice, but I doubt I could make a living at it. Funny-sounding cartoon characters, on the other hand, are much easier and enjoyable for me.

That said, the vast majority of work I’ve done has been straight narration. I do try to give each character in an audiobook a unique voice, but audiobooks require a level pace and tone. They feels much more structured to me than a Saturday morning cartoon. To be fair, I think that makes audiobooks a good way to practice discipline.

Anyway, I wrote the new script so I could throw in some of the outlandish stuff I love doing but don’t usually get hired for. “Put me in, coach!” right?

Oh, and here’s a special treat for those of you reading this blog. When I say I didn’t cobble the new reel together, I ain’t kidding:

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