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New Video! DIY Backdrop Fly System

21 Dec , 2015   Matt   Video

I’ve been doing a few things to improve the quality of my videography freelancing service, and to brush up on my stage craft, composting skills, etc. It presented an excellent opportunity to produce a few short DIY videos, like the Audio Panels from a few weeks ago.

In this video, I documented how I extended the reach of a shelf I use to hang backdrops and lights. It isn’t a particularly orthodox fly system, but it gets the job done quite well. I suppose the most practically useful bit of information is how to install and utilize a cable tensioner. I refer to it in the video as a “T Buckle”, which is what it was labeled as in the hardware store, but a few minutes searching the two terms suggests you’ll have better luck with “tensioner”.

There’s also a time lapse of me tying a Bowline knot. I don’t spend much time describing the knot, because I was already cutting quite a bit of me chatting at the camera. Also, the best explanation involves a rabbit/tree/hole metaphor that I can never remember.

Incidentally, seasoned mariners in the viewing audience will probably notice that I cut away from the bowline-tying sequence to a shot of a J-hook tied with a square knot. It was an oversight during filming, sorry.

What, you’re not a seasoned mariner, and wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t said anything? Eh, consider it a free gift for subscribing to my blog on top of my channel!

Speaking of infusing my blog with inherent value, I’ve decided to stagger video and blog releases. I didn’t mean to wait a full week this time, but last week was a little hectic. Sorry!

Anyway, if you subscribe to my YouTube channel, you’ll be seeing new video content as soon as it launches. Then, if you follow this blog, you’ll get my extended notes on each video, as well as other project notes and so forth. You can, in fact, already see “next week’s video”, which I’ll talk about in a few days.

Happy holidays!

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