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New Beam Channel!

9 Mar , 2017   admin   Video

Big News everyone! We are introducing lots of new things…starting NOW. The video will explain it all. But if you prefer to read, here’s the rundown.

We have a new livestreaming channel here: where we do three weekly shows. Pauline is doing art sessions! Dun-Dun-DUUUNN! You’ll see us both playing chess, sometimes with friends too. Matt is also performing readings of classic books, with a fun twist.

Why are we livestreaming? Because we want to interact with an audience. Seriously, it’s really important for us as creatives. We would never be able to grow and improve in what we do, without feedback from our community. So make sure you log in to Beam during the show so you can chat with us and join in the interactivity, especially for Matt’s reading show. Just in general, log in so we know you’re there and that somebody is enjoying what we do!

What about YouTube? What we do there hasn’t changed. We’ll continue to post new videos on YouTube regularly, including BNGU, Lazy Night, DIY productions, and whatever else we think of. For the time being, we’re not sure if we’ll be posting our livestreams to YouTube, so if you’re interested in any of our new shows, catch us on Beam.

Go check out our Beam page now and mark your calendars! Once you are on the page, scroll down to the bottom for our schedule.

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