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New Audiobook – The Last King’s Amulet: The Price of Freedom

1 Sep , 2015   Matt  

Chris Northern’s “The Last King’s Amulet: The Price of Freedom” on!

It’s been a while since I’ve had news from my work as an audiobook narrator, and nearly a year since my last audition. Savoring this morning’s sense of relief would be nice, but post-launch relaxation is an evasive luxury. What, then, have I been doing (or not doing) with myself all year?

Well, I dove into videography, which is slowly evolving from friendly favors to legitimate commissions. I’ve even tried to land a video game character*, but when I think back on the first half of 2015, I’ll probably remember struggling with equipment issues.

Using low-end gear cobbled together from whatever Pauline and I had on hand, I found early success with short audiobooks. Emboldened, I sought a broader workload of longer works, until a short story compilation was rejected for relying too heavily on post-production correction.

“The Price of Freedom”, my first full-length novel project, was nearing completion at that same moment. Brakes slammed on, and momentum bled out from both my professional and personal life. A combination of sudden-onset paranoia, despair, and the daunting task of completely re-recording the novel made the months drag on. I’ll even admit to avoiding the project periodically.

Thanks to a much happier combination of personal investment, astonishingly generous friends and mentors, and simple diligence, that compilation did eventually launch. As of this morning, so has “The Price of Freedom”, and just in time for my wedding this weekend!**

Although I’ve stayed busy, I can’t claim to have put as much professional zeal into 2015 as it called for. When I first started auditioning for projects, I was scrambling for stability after losing my job in the game industry. I knew my gear wasn’t ideal, but my budget wasn’t ready for the upgrade process. Even with the generous equipment donations mentioned, getting myself clear of quality control roadblocks has left me with considerable expenses to recover.

Of course that means this isn’t the best moment for a honeymoon, but we actually did budget for that (also, thanks Mom!). Meanwhile, things are quickly heating up for SIEGE 2015. With that in mind, I’ve made the conscious decision to clear my freelance workload until mid October. I’m happy to say I’ve already been making plans and entering discussions about new projects thereafter, so the job of the moment is celebrating our new marriage.

In the meantime, if you’d like to put a copy of “The Price of Freedom”, or any of the other books I’ve recorded into your library, look me up on Facebook, Twitter, or the Giveaways! page.

*Disclaimer, the SnarfQuest Tales Kickstarter has a few days remaining as of this post, and my exact involvement remains uncertain. It’s unlikely that they won’t be funded, though it could happen, or they could have a massive final push during Dragon*Con and end up hitting the celebrity cast stretch goal. For now, I’m biting my nails, holding my breath, and wishing the Cellbloc Studios team luck.

**Way to lead with the wrong headline, Matt…

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