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New Audiobook! “The Key To The Grave”

23 Mar , 2016   Matt  

There’s a new video on my YouTube channel this week, but that wasn’t the big news this week. Really, it’s just a live stream test to get the audio/video sync issue from last week nailed down. If I didn’t nail it down, I got it pretty close.

The real news item is that just approved and published my latest audiobook production venture: “The Key to the Grave: The Price of Freedom, Book 2” by Chris Northern.

Mr. Northern’s blog can be found at, and this is the third project for which he has graciously selected me as his narrator.

That last point means quite a bit to me. Book one in the series, “The Last King’s Amulet,” received considerable public feedback to the effect that I narrated and edited the book at a rushed pace. Recently, I revisited the book to refresh my memory, and was rather embarrassed by what I heard.

I’m not saying the book isn’t worth listening to. The pace improves after the first few chapters. It was a simple rookie mistake. Writers are often advised to work through a first draft, then set it aside for a few days before re-reading and editing. Audio producers should do the same. Finish a rough cut, then leave it alone for a time.

Factor in such a break when offering a bid on a project or negotiating deadlines. Some clients will insist on rush jobs, so be sure your contract also restricts their right to demand multiple revisions.

Digression much? I was saying that Mr. Northern has been very gracious in continuing to work with me. We are both of the opinion that book two has a much better pace, and I’m already contracted to produce book three. As it happens, I attended VO Atlanta days after wrapping production on book two. While there, I signed up for a special session on audiobook narration with Scott Brick. It was a welcome brush-up on character interpretation, and I think book three will be even better for it.

The characters have amusing to voice, and the socioeconomic themes have been fascinating to explore, so I would recommend this series even if I hadn’t narrated it. If you would like a complimentary copy, stop by my Facebook page or say hello on Twitter.

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