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Most Uniquest Is Live!

20 Apr , 2016   Matt   Video

Those of you who are subscribed to my YouTube channel or Facebook page will have noticed that, on Sunday evening, Pauline and I rebranded most of my Social Media accounts and launched a new web page:

What’s going on should be fairly obvious, but the essence of it is that we are founding a small media entity between ourselves to help further our freelancing and production efforts.

Every effort is being made to pull off a seamless transition. Subscriptions to YouTube and Facebook have persisted, for instance. That said, we have also established a new Twitter feed, @MostUniquest, and Instagram account (also @MostUniquest) alongside the page itself. Some of our automated cross-posting stuff will be shifted to these accounts, although we’ll each retain our personal accounts (look for @AGameWriter and @DrawAnew).

Long-time blog followers will need shift your subscriptions from to You can find the new primary RSS feed here.

I’d like to thank Gary Romero of for letting me piggy back off of his server space and bandwidth for the last several years. It was a huge help, amigo.

Hopefully, this helps us draw attention to projects as they are developed and published, and ultimately leads to bigger and better stuff all around.

In the meantime, our YouTube subscribers may have seen the announcement that my submission the #MyRodeReel 2016 short film competition, “Save Our Self,” hit over 200 views in its first week. Only two days later, it’s well on the way to 300. That may not seem like much compared to any viral video, but it all makes SOS the most successful project I’ve launched bar none.

Here’s a big Thank You to everyone who has tuned in so far, all those of you who have been kind enough to hit the ‘like’ button, and to anyone who has visited the official competition page to watch and vote for it. If you haven’t seen the main film, you can find it along with the official BTS documentary at The competition ends on June 1st, so there’s still time left to watch, vote, or even submit your own film. It’s been a blast to get involved, so I highly recommend it.

Thanks for stopping by!

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