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Let Me Whisper Sweet Nothings in Your Ear

28 Mar , 2015   Matt  

Here’s a subject I haven’t talked about since I launched this blog:

I am a professional voice actor.

I survive on freelance contract work for various things like games and audio dramas. Quite a lot of my work has come from the Audiobook Creation Exchange.

Here’s the thing. The gigs I’ve landed have been royalty-share arrangements, with no guaranteed compensation*. That means no money up front, and units have to fly from the digital shelves into your ears for anyone to earn anything.

“But Matt,” you’re saying, “I work hard for my money. Your struggle to establish a lucrative entrepreneurial media venture is heart-warming and all, but I just can’t afford.”

That’s fair, but ACX is really cool. It helps authors and narrators by issuing a few download codes for each audiobook published. Even better, those copies still count towards royalties.

What?” I hear you screaming, “I can get a few hours of delicious audiobook goodness, and all I have to do is ask for it?” Yes, that is exactly the idea, because I’m sitting on a decent stockpile of codes right this minute, and would really like to find good homes for each of them.

So check out my list of published titles on Audible, and get in touch with me. That part should be nice and fast, since you probably found this blog through the social media platform of your choice:

Right now, I have codes for every title I’ve published. They aren’t infinite, of course, so if you’re late to the game, did you know that Audible also offers one free download just for signing up? I don’t know if those do or don’t generate royalties, but I’d rather people be listening than not, so go for it!

After you get your free audiobook and give it a listen, do you think you could spare a minute to write a few kind words? Yeah? You rock.

*A half truth. I’ve never been selected for a per-finished-hour commission based on an ACX audition. I have done some subcontracting work, like helping the inimitable Sketch MacQuinor edit Hamsterdamned. Supporting mutually beneficial competition? Why certainly I do.

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