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Introducing Brand-New Grown-Ups!

27 Apr , 2016   Pauline   Video

Hello everyone, this is Pauline. Wow, this is my first time blogging on I’m actually a little bit nervous. Those who have been following Matt’s posts, I’ll be honest right now and tell you that I do not have the vast vocabulary and old-fashioned-y grammar habits that he has. Whether you take that as a positive or negative is up to you *wink*.

To introduce myself a bit, I am a full-time web/graphic designer with a background in animation, video production, and fine art. In the two years that Matt has been freelancing full-time, I’ve been happy just supporting and cheering him on from the sidelines. Occasionally, I would lend a helping hand on shoots and or be an extra set of eyes on post-production stuff. You might have seen me appear in a few videos. So, what is my part in Most Uniquest and why am I doing this?

A few months ago, Matt and I were just casually discussing new project ideas and that conversation kind of just carried us in the direction of forming a production entity. This wasn’t the first time we talked about forming a team or creating a brand for ourselves. We had both known for a while that if we combine our skill sets, we would be a pretty well-rounded team and a competitive asset, but this was the first time it felt like it could actually work. I don’t want to get too analytical, but there were a lot of reasons why it had to take time and life experience to get to a point where both of us felt ready for this.

That brings us to the launching of a new video series, Brand-New Grown-Ups! I have always wanted to create some funny, light-hearted videos that are just about life. Let’s see, Matt and I got married last year and I would say we are both going through a time of pathfinding and growth. So please join us as we figure out life, how to be grown-ups, how to be a couple and not scratch each other’s eyes out, and just be people. We’ll talk about a different topic every week. I’ve enjoyed creating these videos immensely (big word), so I hope you will enjoy them too. I am so excited to finally share this with everyone. We will try to post a new video every Monday, so if you want to stay up to date just subscribe to our channel. Don’t be shy to comment on the video and give us feedback. I am new to creating this type of content, and I want to know how to make it enjoyable and valuable to you guys.

That said, you and I both are watching as the tales unfold and we find out where this new adventure will take us. Let’s see, I have already built this website, using WordPress. I’m quite happy with it, but still have lots to learn about customizing and optimizing. (By the way, if you’re looking for a nice WP theme like this for your own site, check out Fullby here.) I’ll be doing most of the back-end site maintenance, and we’ll both be blogging. Also, Matt and I are also both doing huge pushes in the way of social media and promoting. Now, BNGU has launched! Whew, it has been a whirlwind. We are both excited to be creating new, different kinds of content so we hope you will stay tuned!

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