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New Beam Channel!

9 Mar , 2017   Video

Big News everyone! We are introducing lots of new things…starting NOW. The video will explain it all. But if you prefer to read, here’s the rundown.

We have a new livestreaming channel here: where we do three weekly More…


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Waving Goodbye to @Texan_In_Tokyo

17 Nov , 2016   Video

First off, the Most Uniquest channel isn’t going anywhere. More…

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BNGU: THE Political Episode

24 Oct , 2016   Video

Matt here. The MU talk show “Brand-New Grown-Ups!” is not a political discussion series. That’s not what we’re about, and we don’t want to alienate any part of the show’s audience. More…


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BNGU: Prepare for a Portfolio Review

5 Oct , 2016   Video

With another conference, SIEGECon coming up (this week!), we wanted to address a topic that might be useful to folks attending. If you work in a visual medium such as design, illustration, game development, More…

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BNGU: Parents’ Divorcing

31 Aug , 2016   Video

This is another serious life topic, and it hit close to home for both of us. We’ve probably made peace with More…


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BNGU: Volunteerism

24 Aug , 2016   Video

Yes, we did recently suggest you should avoid working for free, but this is a different concept entirely. While we still suggest not giving your work away if there’s literally nothing in it for you More…

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BNGU: Self Esteem

17 Aug , 2016   Video

This week, Matt and Pauline compare notes on growing into their own respective bodies, and how far they’ve each come in accepting themselves for who they are. More…


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Brand-New Grown-Ups: Dealing with Self Harm

6 Jul , 2016   Video

If you are contemplating suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at:

1-800-273-8255 More…


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Most Uniquest Is Live!

20 Apr , 2016   Video

Those of you who are subscribed to my YouTube channel or Facebook page will have noticed that, on Sunday evening, Pauline and I rebranded most of my Social Media accounts and launched a new web page: More…

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New Video – “Promotional Etiquette”

24 Feb , 2016   Video

My apologies for the delay in this week’s video. More…

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New Video! “Pugmire” Kickstarter

25 Jan , 2016   Video

This week’s video, a short breakdown on the compositing process behind my short film, “Hard Rain” is fairly self-explanatory. Instead of going over every step of the creation of the short film (which the breakdown literally does!), I’d like to draw your attention to an upcoming venture from friend and pseudo-mentor Eddy Webb. More…

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Editorial Response: Broke on YouTube

15 Dec , 2015  

This began as a simple Facebook comment, until it became as long as it did. Thank the seven hour rendering job I’m waiting on. You’ll need to read this article on to know what I’m talking about. More…