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Brand-New Grown-Ups: Taiwan Trip

8 Jun , 2016   Video

I’m tired guys, and this blog post needs to get posted tomorrow, so this might get weird. This week, we interrupt our regular programming to bring you a video about our recent Taiwan trip. For anyone interested in finding out more about the places we visited or may even want to see for yourself in the future, I have listed them below. More…

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Unsolicited Product Review – Kaotica Eyeball

16 Mar , 2016  

You may have noticed there was no video on Monday. Rather, there was, but I took it down because it had no audio to speak off. See what I did there? More…

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New Video – “Promotional Etiquette”

24 Feb , 2016   Video

My apologies for the delay in this week’s video. More…


In Which I Plug a Collaborator

18 Feb , 2016   Video

I have been doing quite a bit of work both for and with on John Nyrere Frazier since he showed up to volunteer for SIEGE 2015. That, if you didn’t catch it, was a subtle endorsement for the value of volunteering one’s services to worthy local trade shows and special interest groups. More…

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Editorial Response: Broke on YouTube

15 Dec , 2015  

This began as a simple Facebook comment, until it became as long as it did. Thank the seven hour rendering job I’m waiting on. You’ll need to read this article on to know what I’m talking about. More…

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Not That You’d Know It

8 Dec , 2015  

I think about this blog often, usually in the same way Douglas Adams thought about deadlines; loving the sound they make as they wiz by overhead, to paraphrase. More…


New Video! “Dear Jesus,” a Highwire Comedy Sketch

4 Dec , 2015   Video

Dear Grandma, I seem to remember that you follow my blog and Facebook Page. You probably won’t find this video all that funny. Fair warning! Love, Matt. More…


New Video! DIY Acoustic Panels

23 Nov , 2015   Video

I’d like to thank those of you who offered a response to yesterday’s unplanned post. I’d also like to apologize if I came across as particularly fatalistic about the situation, as that was not my intention. More…


Worrying About Fear

22 Nov , 2015  

With all the reports of leaked terrorism plots planned for today, I am worried about safety in and around the city of Atlanta. More…


On Recasting Icons

20 Sep , 2015   Video

Outside XBox has a nice analysis here (after all the Destiny expansion stuff I did’t pay attention to) of the pitfalls inherent in replacing an actor in an iconic game series. More…


New Video! FRESH Comedy: Space! (¡¡¡LOUD!!!)

8 Jul , 2015   Video

While I haven’t performed regularly this year, I’ve stayed busy as a volunteer technician at the Highwire Comedy Co. where FRESH Comedy is performed each Sunday Night. Travis Jones, the usual host, surprised me this time by asking if I wanted a spot. Thanks/Sorry, Travis! More…


On Color Correction and Grading

16 Jun , 2015  

UPDATE: A few days after making this post, I came across this article over at, offering an excellent review of the tools and techniques used in analyzing color during correction and grading. More…