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New Video! “Hard Rain”

20 Jan , 2016   Video

I’ve been looking forward to writing this post since I decided to make use of the green screen and lighting equipment after a client cancelled on me last month. As happenstance would have it, it was a month to the day from filming the action to publishing the video. More…

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New Video! “Hard Rain” Blooper Reel

6 Jan , 2016   Video

I’ve been sitting on this one since just before the holidays. I’m a firm believer that indie productions benefit greatly from side ventures and bonus content. Never recording any behind the scenes footage seems like throwing money away. This video, a blooper reel for an upcoming short film tentatively titled “Hard Rain”, represents me practicing what I preach. More…

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New Video! Er… Audio! … THINGS! EXCITEMENT!

9 Nov , 2015   Video

I was recently asked to provide my voice reel and rates for a possible upcoming project. It’s so secretive, even I don’t know anything about it. Sorry. More…

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New Video! FRESH Comedy: Anxiety

15 Jun , 2015   Video

Several of my last few performances fell flat. There have been a variety of reasons, all boiling down to not trying hard enough. Getting a few chuckles made me a little happier about this one. More…

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New Video! Funny Monkey April 1st, 2015

4 May , 2015   Video

After much anticipation on my part, I’m very happy to release the first footage from my Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II prime lens. If you can’t immediately see how vastly improved the image quality is compared to every other stand up act I’ve recorded, I plan to shoot a brief comparison of my various lenses and the impact the new lens has had on post production. More…

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New Video! FRESH Comedy: FAME!

2 Apr , 2015   Video

I’ve been occupied enough these past few weeks that I have a few videos waiting in the wings to be released. First up is the last FRESH Comedy I appeared on. I managed to put a set together, but I’m not particularly satisfied with the result. It’s my own fault. FRESH is a crazy-fun show, but it’s not something you can slack off with. More…

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New Video! Funny Monkey, March 12th

20 Mar , 2015   Video

There won’t be any “new” comedy this week until Sunday night’s FRESH: Fame! I wasn’t actually excited about that sentence, Travis just adds that to every FRESH title. Also, since the Graduation Show happened one day after the last Funny Monkey, I went ahead and published it, then held on to the FM video so I’d have content this week. More…

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New Video! Highwire Comedy Graduation Show!

15 Mar , 2015   Video

It’s been a big week, and this was an extremely cathartic cherry-on-top. The house was packed, and I was the second act of the evening, after a warm-up by the hosts, so they were ready to laugh. The energy was great, and I was off book even with new material thrown in. More…

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New Video! FRESH Comedy: LIES!

9 Mar , 2015   Video

Fair warning, this is mildly NSFW. More…

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Old Video! A Brief Retrospective

20 Feb , 2015   Video

Now that the blog is finally live, and having just completed Joel Byars‘ multi-week workshop for new stand-up comics, I forced myself to sit down and watch the first open-mic I ever did.

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New Video! Funny Monkey, Feb. 11th

18 Feb , 2015   Video

I know, the night this was recorded, I got all panicky and accused my memory card of deleting my set. Well, evidently I was wrong. More…