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#MyRodeReel – “Save Our Self”

11 Apr , 2016   Video

Before I forget, if you enjoyed my little short film, I hope you’ll take a moment to visit and vote for it! More…

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New Audiobook! “The Key To The Grave”

23 Mar , 2016  

There’s a new video on my YouTube channel this week, but that wasn’t the big news this week. Really, it’s just a live stream test to get the audio/video sync issue from last week nailed down. If I didn’t nail it down, I got it pretty close. More…

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New Video! Comparing Microphones

9 Mar , 2016   Video

This week’s video was a long time coming. The final result was at least the third attempt at filming it over several months. The trouble lay in how much there was to say on the subject of technical differences between microphone types. I don’t claim to be an acoustics engineer, but I could easily fill five minutes on each individual piece of equipment mentioned. More…

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New Video! Narration Tricks

29 Feb , 2016   Video

[OBSCENITY REDACTED], sorry this post is late. I worked up next week’s post along with this one, scheduled it for release, and thought I’d done the same here. Next week’s post is definitely scheduled, at least. More…

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Last Week’s Video – DIY Portable Audio Box

29 Dec , 2015   Video

Holiday plans foiled my own plans for a publication schedule. Excuses, excuses. Those of you who have subscribed to my YouTube channel will have seen this already. My plan for the new year is to release a video on Monday and follow it up with a blog on Wednesday. More…

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Not That You’d Know It

8 Dec , 2015  

I think about this blog often, usually in the same way Douglas Adams thought about deadlines; loving the sound they make as they wiz by overhead, to paraphrase. More…

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DIY Boom Pole With Acoustic Considerations

16 Nov , 2015  

Warning: really long post. If you’re in a rush, see the pictures at the end. More…

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New Video! Er… Audio! … THINGS! EXCITEMENT!

9 Nov , 2015   Video

I was recently asked to provide my voice reel and rates for a possible upcoming project. It’s so secretive, even I don’t know anything about it. Sorry. More…

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SnarfQuest Tales Kickstarter: The Last Little Bit!

2 Sep , 2015  

I’ve been talking about Cellbloc Studios’ new collaboration with comic and game art legend Larry Elmore, for a while now, but it’s crunch time. More…

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Audio Shopping List

26 Apr , 2015  

If you haven’t seen the post “Audio Crisis Averted”, it explains why I’m looking at audio gear when I don’t have the most stable revenue stream ever. That said, had I not received the Tascam DP-02, I was settled on one of four major purchases: More…