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Brand-New Grown-Ups: Sleep Habits

4 May , 2016   Matt   Video

It seems like BNGU’s first week just went zooming by. Pauline was really excited to finally get to talk about the show publicly; it was cute.

Today, since introducing ourselves was a relatively serious topic, we’re taking a step back and having a little fun. We figured we couldn’t be the only couple who found the transition from sleeping by ourselves to sleeping next to another unconscious person a little jarring.

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By the way, since not everyone has time to devote attention to YouTube videos, we’ve launched an audio-only podcast version of BNGU. You can find the direct feed below, or you can find us on iTunes. We’ve submitted the show to a few other platforms, which we’ll announce as they become available, but please don’t forget to give us a rating and leave a review if you really enjoy our discussions!

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