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7 Sep , 2016   Pauline   Video

Thank you Matt, for taking care of the blog posts for a while. I had some time over the long weekend, so I thought I should contribute. I really want to blog my thoughts regularly too, but I have been busy with a lot of other work lately. So, let’s get into it. Since Matt and I both want to work in the film industry, movies are pretty important to us. While we both enjoy watching movies for fun of course, they’re more than just a pastime.

Just as a lawyer would research case studies, those of us who make films research, well, film. We use films to analyze and learn about storytelling, cinematography, animation, visual effects, acting…The more we can learn and absorb from a variety of cinema, the better equipped we are for our careers.

As a couple, it has been very interesting to have another perspective always at the ready when we watch a new film. (By “new,” I don’t just mean the latest in theaters. We have an extensive list of important films that we haven’t seen yet!) In the video, we discuss what we’ve liked and disliked from combining our cinema sensibilities.

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