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26 Apr , 2015   Matt  

If you haven’t seen the post “Audio Crisis Averted”, it explains why I’m looking at audio gear when I don’t have the most stable revenue stream ever. That said, had I not received the Tascam DP-02, I was settled on one of four major purchases:

Tascam DR-100 Portable Recorder. An XLR field recorder praised for its noise floor.

Rode NT1-A. A cardioid condenser for studio VO, unsuited to field videography.

Rode Video Mic Pro. A camera-centric shotgun mic for field work.

Rode NTG1 Shotgun Mic. A boom-centric shotgun mic. Superior to the Video Mic Pro for field, inferior to the NT1-A for VO.

Most of those are outdated models, which reduces cost. They can still be found on vendors like Amazon. Newer stuff “usually” will offer better performance, though.

If I didn’t have the DP-02, and know what I know now, I’d first purchase the DR-100. I have discovered, however, that my needs have shifted slightly towards DIY field videography.

After the release of footage from a panel discussion by the Georgia Game Developers Association which the GGDA President and I agreed had some volume issues, I decided to make one last purchase before recouping costs, and now own a VideoMic Pro. It isn’t a cure-all, because shotgun mics are not parabolic mics, but a focused pattern definitely helps.

Finally eligible for the @rodemic video challenges!

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Eventually, I’d like to invest in a 50′ or longer XLR cable (with 3.5 converter) for boom-operation. After that, the priority would be studio recording, i.e. the NT1-A. Finally, if I get involved in serious indie film work, the DR-100 will enable solid external field audio.

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