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A New Blog! With Free Stuff!

18 Feb , 2015   Matt  

Yes, there will be free stuff.*

For the longest time, I thought the goal of a successful freelance career was the proverbial, “long wait for a train don’t come.” That was before I got laid off from my dream company.

It’s amazing what job loss can do for personal motivation.

After about half a year scrambling to get any kind of income, I’m actively engaged as a freelance writer and voice actor. Even under the pressure of launching a blog and social media campaign, just being able to say that puts a lot of things in perspective for me. If all of this pays off, the title of my memoir will be “I Got Laid Off, and You Can Too!”

So what is “all this”? Well, a few months ago, I became aware of an open mic comedy night at a local coffee shop. On the spur of the moment, I signed up for the next show, then found myself entangled in a whole series of workshops on the subject. Host Joel Byars is sneaky like that. I decided, though, that comedy and performance would be good skills for me to hone.

In devoting a part of myself to stand-up comedy, I made the not-at-all decision to revamp my approach to social media, and make a serious effort to get myself noticed as an independent artist. If we skip down the rabbit hole a ways, we find me a short while later up to my neck in a variety of platforms saying the same things over and over again just to reach a broader audience. I looked at the daily, productive lives of mentors like Eddy Webb, and chatted with socially active friends like Gary Romero, and realized something:

It’s 2015. There are better ways of doing things.

So I’ve built this blog. I will be perfectly honest and admit up front that its primary reason for being is to disseminate things I say to a variety of platforms all at once. Beyond that, it’s going to be a focal point for my creative output, meaning videos, maybe a podcast, the odd essay or DIY topic, and updates on my ventures with other people and groups. I suppose I could just handle all of that through one social media platform or other, and copy it over to others. Having a place to put my own stamp on the internet, though, scares me a little. Over the next few days and weeks, I’ll have a few more things to say about the blog, but mostly I’m going to just dig into the work I’m doing. The real reason this blog is here is to keep myself honest.

And now for the free stuff you actually came for:

*One audiobook code will be distributed per individual. If I run out before you get one, I sincerely apologize. A full list of the audiobooks I have produced may be found on this page.

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