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Old Video! A Brief Retrospective

20 Feb , 2015   Matt   Video

Now that the blog is finally live, and having just completed Joel Byars‘ multi-week workshop for new stand-up comics, I forced myself to sit down and watch the first open-mic I ever did.

I’m better at it now… right?

There is a definite difference compared to more recent acts. Pauline says I seem more comfortable in front of an audience. Given how badly I flopped during the latest FRESH Comedy (yes, the video is coming), I’m inclined to agree. I’m a little better with pacing, although I’ve exchanged a fairly clean-cut persona for, as Joel put it, “A real ‘****-you’ thing”.

That isn’t what I’ve been going for, even if it doesn’t necessarily bother me. It’s certainly something to think about, though, and it does make me wonder why I keep getting mistaken for a drug dealer. I’m not kidding, that happens quite a lot. Someone suggested it’s my favorite jacket (which didn’t appear on stage for at least the first two acts). I’m starting to think I have personality traits I’m not aware of. Maybe I should bring the vest back into my act. Dress for the job you want, yeah?

I want to be a stand-up comic catering to high-powered attorneys and stock brokers, I guess.

Refining and reusing a set wasn’t something I did until the second week of Joel’s class, which was way later on. Rushed and over-worked as they were, I think some of that original material had potential. I’ll pull the index cards back out and see what happens.

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