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#BNGU – Ageism

26 Apr , 2017   Video

This week, we look at judgmental habits in the work place and inside our own heads More…

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New Beam Channel!

9 Mar , 2017   Video

Big News everyone! We are introducing lots of new things…starting NOW. The video will explain it all. But if you prefer to read, here’s the rundown.

We have a new livestreaming channel here: where we do three weekly More…


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#LazyNight 4 – The Exorcist III

1 Mar , 2017   Video

Thrills, chills, eerily effective jump scares, and kind of hokey makeup! More…

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#BNGU – The Great Purge of ’17

22 Feb , 2017   Video


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#LazyNight 3 – Snowden

15 Feb , 2017   Video

Sorry for the blog blackout, ladies and gentlemen. The MU team has been busy building something new (because we weren’t busy enough already!) More…

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#BNGU – Christmas 2016

21 Dec , 2016   Video

Happy Holidays from Most Uniquest! Every year around this time, the holiday cheer in the air makes me feel a little more giving and reminds to cherish my family a little bit more. Matt and I talked about the traditions we grew up with, what degree of “Christmas” More…

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#BNGU – Sharing is Caring

9 Dec , 2016   Video

You might think an only child and a sibling would have more differences in their histories of having to share things. We had to talk for quite a while to figure out where those differences were, so maybe not. More…

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BNGU: Career Networking

7 Dec , 2016   Video

Matt and Pauline are both reserved people who avoid crowds, but that’s a terrible way to get good jobs. More…

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BNGU: Home vs Office?

23 Nov , 2016   Video

If you think working from home means living on easy street, think again! More…

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Waving Goodbye to @Texan_In_Tokyo

17 Nov , 2016   Video

First off, the Most Uniquest channel isn’t going anywhere. More…

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BNGU: Mixing Languages

9 Nov , 2016   Video

Last week, we touched on the words “I love you”, and their significantly different impacts on our formative years. This week, we look at language in general, and the ups and downs of becoming a bilingual couple. More…

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BNGU: “I Love You”

31 Oct , 2016   Video

This week, we touch on one of the few moments of ‘culture shock’ in our relationship. More…

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